CISO Cloud Summit UK | Sept. 22, 2020 | Virtual Summit - Real-time Online Conversations



Why Removing Data Bottlenecks is Key to Accelerating Cloud Innovation

Keynote Presentation - 9:30 am - 10:00 am

With the economic environment changing daily many organisations are striving to drive business agility, drive down costs and speed up their cloud innovations. Data can often be a barrier to swift cloud migration and adoption. Gary will address how those barriers can be removed or mitigated.

  • How do you take multi generational architectures and move them to the cloud?
  • The need to simplify the massive complexity of moving new and legacy architectures.
  • Those architectures are often handling a complex dance with data. To accelerate you need to simplify user access to that data so that your brightest minds can understand, tame and use it.
  • Getting to the cloud is the first step, but to achieve internet scale your operations need to be automated. Your data needs to match the speed of automation.
  • How do you wrangle vast amounts of data from disparate sources and technologies and make it available at speed to meet internet scale?


  • Making data available at speed is an imperative.
  • Data empowerment is key to rapid cloud innovation.
  • Automation is key to achieving internet scale.  

Presented by:

Gary Hallam, Global Channel Engagement, Delphix Software Ltd. View details


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Delphix Software Ltd. View details